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Stephanie Stilley

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Reunification Counseling

Reunification Therapy teaches the parent how to communicate more effectively with their child and to empathize with all of the feelings the child has about the separation and preceding events. The parent also learns non-punitive limit setting skills and how to facilitate decision making skills with their child. Reunification Therapy is for parents and children who have experienced a disruption in their relationship due to: high conflict divorce/custody battle, drug/alcohol abuse (alleged or founded), child abuse, incarceration, hospitalization, court order, job transfer or any other situation which has prohibited regular visitation. (Please note: I am not taking reunification cases at this time) 

Co-Parenting Counseling

Provides an opportunity for separated/divorced parents to learn and develop effective ways of communicating in order to establish cooperative ways of parenting their children. Input and advice from a professional experienced in working with children and families of divorce is offered to expand a parent's insight and knowledge into providing for the best possible overall outcome for their children.